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Masks are no longer required outside, but for the safety of fellow guests and the winery staff, we ask that you wear a mask inside if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID. Please read all of our helpful Winery Policies and Procedures and enjoy your visit to Old York Cellars.


Limousines and Party Buses cannot park on the winery property without prior notice.

If only picking up a wine order and not staying at the Winery, no reservation is required.

While we may be able to seat walk-ins, reservations are strongly suggested to guarantee seating for your visit.  We cannot guarantee seating without a reservation.

When you make your reservation to visit Old York Cellars Winery, please include the total number of children in your reservation party, there is no charge for children. 

If you book more than one seating reservation at a time, the tables or seating areas will NOT be next to each other and may be in completely separate areas of the Winery property.  

Our Cabana reservations are for a maximum of 6 guests. If you would like a reservation for more than 6 guests, you will need to call the winery directly and speak with the Event Coordinator.

If you wish to make a reservation for a larger group of more than 12 guests, it will need to be booked in advance and through our Event Coordinator and may only be available at specific times.

Each reservation is for up to 2 hours. 

Drone flying is not allowed anywhere on winery property.

Making multiple regular reservations for the same time and date will not be accommodated. If you need to book a group reservation, please call the winery and speak with the Event Coordinator.


Please Visit our Concierge to Check-In.
Our staff will check you in and escort you to your assigned table, chair seating area or vineyard area. 
Our staff is not allowed to serve any customers that do not have an assigned table, seating area or assigned vineyard area.  Tables and/or chairs cannot be moved.

Please review the following policies. Thank you again for your cooperation.

No one with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19 should visit the winery.

Bringing alcoholic beverages to the Winery is absolutely prohibited. All coolers and bags are subject to search and any alcohol brought to the Winery will be confiscated.

Children must stay with their parent or guardian at all times.  Children’s bicycles are not allowed on the winery property.  

Climbing on the winery railings, cabanas or tent supports is not allowed.

We reserve the right to refuse service to guests who appear to be intoxicated.

Underage drinking is strictly prohibited and the IDs of anyone buying or drinking alcohol will be checked.

Table & Seating Areas

Customers will be escorted to their table or seating area upon arrival, no self-seating is allowed or sitting in undesignated seating areas.

If you bring your own food or utensils, please carry it out with you when you leave. Trash bags are available upon request.  

All Trash and glasses must be cleaned up and taken with you upon departure.

Tables and/or chairs cannot be moved.

All table and seating areas have up to a 2 hour time limit.

Each reservation is up to 2 hours. 

Pet Friendly Areas in the Vineyard

Customers will be escorted to their seating area, no self-seating or moving into another area is allowed.
Dog owners are to remain with their pet at all times.
Dogs are to remain leashed at all times and can only be in grass areas.
Dogs are not permitted inside of the winery buildings.
Only Certified Working Service Dogs are allowed inside the winery buildings.
Cleaning up after your pet is required. 
Loud, barking, aggressive or agitated dogs are not allowed anywhere on the winery property.

Smoking Area

Smoking in the designated area only, indicated by smoking receptacles.  Smoking is not allowed at the tables, chair seating areas, inside any building or in the vineyard areas.


Guests are eligible for a full refund if they cancel their reservation (other than Wine and Comedy and other special event reservations) at least 24 hours prior to a reservation. If there is severe weather on the day of the reservation (other than Wine and Comedy and other special event reservations), guests may still cancel their reservation on that day prior to the time of their reservation and receive a full refund. Guests who do not cancel their reservations prior to these deadlines are not eligible to refunds.  Please note that all Comedy Show reservations are final and non-refundable unless the show has been canceled by Old York Cellars.

If you have any questions during your visit, please ask one of our winery teammates and we will be happy to assist you.