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If you can't make to one of the Vintner's Club Weekends and are just looking to come and pick up your wine package, wine packages will be available at all 3 of our locations starting:
Friday, October 30th
The Same Reservation Policies Apply At All 3 Locations

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November 6th, 7th & 8th, 2020
November 13th, 14th & 15th, 2020
12 PM - 9 PM (Friday)
12 PM - 6 PM (Saturday & Sunday)

We are SO EXCITED to announce that we will be hosting two weekends just for our Vintner's Club Members and their Guests.

At The Winery:
Chef Jose's delicious Food Menu (All Day Friday - Sunday)
Live Music Friday (6 - 9 PM)
Live Music (12 - 5:30 PM) (Saturday & Sunday)
As a thank you we are giving 20% off everything (wine & food) at the time of pick-up at all locations.


While things will look a little different this year, we still want to celebrate our special Fall Semi-Annual Vintner's Club Wine Package Release, and say THANK YOU for being a part of our
Club and Winery Family.

You will have a few ways to come and get your Wine Package this year.  Please see all options below.

For any weekend, YOU MUST make a reservation to come and get your package (Even if you are not staying). Please  See Curbside Pick-Up below.

Vintner Club Members receive 2 Free Tickets.
Guests are $10 (discount applied at reservation check out)
Reservations are limited to a maxium of 6 people total.

The winery has been very busy and to keep with our COVID protocols and make it enjoyable for everyone, there are NO walk-in pick ups on any weekend.

  1. Curbside Weekend Picking Up Only Reservation: This is just for coming to pick-up your wine package.
  2. Table Reservation: This includes a table reservation to pick-up your wine package & staying (Weekdays & Weekends)
  3. Picking-up Only at Bridgewater or Quaker Bridge Mall: (No Reservation Needed)
  4. Picking-Up Only on Weekdays (Monday -Thursday) (No Reservation Needed at any of our 3 locations)

ALL Reservations are through our Tock system.
Please Use your Vintner's Club email on file to be able to access reservations.


Vintner's Club Wine Package Pick-Up FAQs

I am a Monthly Member, can I come to the Vintner's Club Weekends?
YES, you are part of the club too. All Members Welcome!!
You can pick up your monthly wines & take advantage of the great discounts too!

When Can I Come Get My Package?
Members can come get their packages starting Friday, October 30th.

Where can I pick-up my package?
You can pick-up at any of the 3 locations.  Winery, Quaker Bridge Mall & Bridgewater Commons Mall 

If I come and get my package at the winery on Saturday, October 30th do I need a reservation?
Yes, if you are going to come to the winery on any weekend to pick up your package you need to make a reservation.

What days do I need to make a "pick-up only" reservation to pick-up my package?

Do I need to make a reservation if I am just coming to pick up my wine?
Weekends - YES
Weekday (Monday-Thursday) - NO

When do I get my 20% off Wine & Food Discount?
The 20% is offered on the day of your pick-up. Make it count and stock up on wine for the holidays too!!

What does my 20% discount apply towards?
Wine, merchandise, custom label bottles and food too!  Stock up on gifts at this great discount. You can also make reservations at our Quaker Bridge Mall location and treat yourself to a 20% discount on food too!

On Club Weekends, how may guests can I bring?
At this time we can only accommodate groups of 6.
Due to COVID regulations we can't put tables together (sorry)
Good news! Guest get the 20% discount for the day too!
AND...if they sign up for the club, you get a $25 credit applied to your check!

Can I come and pick up my package this weekend & come to the Vintner's Club Weekend?
Yes, but you will just need a reservation for both weekends.

I selected pick-up at one location but want to pick up at another, can I do this?
Yes, you can pick up at any location.

I selected pick-up but I want to have my packaged shipped. What should I do?
You will need to email: to arrange shipping.

I see the emails are referring to a wine package, I am a monthly member do I have a package?
When we are referring the "package pick-up" we are talking about the Semi-Annual wine package. If you have picked up your monthly selections, you have nothing further to pick-up.

I want to make a reservation for the Vintner's Weekend, but when I click the link I don't see it listed.
If you have not been to visit since we reopened in June. We are now using a reservation system, Tock.
You will need to create an account, using your VC email. Once you log-in using this email you will be able to see the event and make a reservation.

I want to come pick up my wine package during the week, do I need a reservation?
No, Monday-Thursday you do not need a reservation to come pick up your wine package.

Why do we have to pay $10 for guests when on other weekends up to 4 guests are free?
We've had to structure a different type of members weekend due to COVID in a way that keeps all our guests safe and works with our ordering system. While we do allow members up to 4 free tastings on other weekends, we charged $25/guest in the past for member weekends to cover food and tastings. The guest admission also covered the cost of a tasting in the past. If we did not charge for guests on member weekends, we would be overwhelmed and could not accommodate as many members. This year, we decided to charge $10/guest and allow members 2 free admissions and 4 guest admissions. All of the members and guests will get tastings, and 20% off any wine, food and merchandise purchases on that day.