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Old York Cellars

Local Holiday

Local Holiday
The Local Collection, Malbec, Raw Honey & Malbec Marinara Sauce

2019 Malbec
Dark aroma's of ripe plum and cassis with hints of spice and ripe blackberry on the palate.

Old York Cellars Honey
This honey is made by Apiculturist Roger Gares, father of Old York Cellars’ Vintner Scott Gares. Roger cares for and collects honey from the hives that line the outskirts of the vineyard.

Malbec Marinara Sauce
Hand-made by Dogwood Farms in Hillsborough NJ, with Old York Cellars' Malbec, organic tomatoes, and fresh farm-to-table ingredients, this Malbec Marinara adds a mouthwatering flavor to your favorite recipes.

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